This Cat Wearing a Shark Costume is Important

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That he is riding a Roomba and chasing a ducking around the kitchen before being joined by a pitt bull dressed as a hammerhead shark is an added bonus. Also, the moment at 1:48 is why god invented the internet.


If You Only Watch One Thing On the Internet Today

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…you are lucky (no really, I just can’t with internet lately). But this reminds me why, not so long ago, the internet was my favorite place.

goat luv

It’s All Fun and Games

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No qualifications needed!

I like this cat!

For old time’s sake!

A Whole Lotta Mad, also Gummies

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For full effect, be sure to read the comments! People sure have strong opinions about things.

Speaking of things, this kind of thing is apparently one?

via FWP

And because it’s Fr-Fr-Friday, here’s a cocktail¬†everyone must try at least once in their lives! FUNNY FOR REASONS HE CANNOT SAY, INDEED.

Yo Dog I Herd You Like Dogs, Followed by Some Valentine’s Day HEART

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Via this guy

Speaking of dogs winning the morning, my pre-Stodden hero Martha Stewart has one, and he just won a major award!

Mind your manners

On an unrelated Valentinian note:

Via Dlisted

On an even more inspirational Valentinian note:

Sometimes chicks marry chicks. Get the fuck over it!

Via BuzzFeed

The Enormity of Their Stupidity

February 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

On an unrelated point, it’s ok to be gay (in California, for now)!! It is seriously so embarrassing that this is still a fight. See above, he’s talking about Prop 8 supporters.


All Creatures Great and Small, No Seriously

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The caption via Redditor lauface: "Here is one of my dogs comforting her sister during a thunderstorm"

This thread has me all unironic and dawwing. Make fun of me, see if I care. I’m pretty much perfect.

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