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The internet, in three links and a YouTube clip!

Courtney Stodden jogs in heels

Anonymous takes a bite out of crime

Dicks everywhere (SFW, unfortunately)



It’s Actually Sort of Perfect

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Chris has some sort of Christmas plague (thanks a lot, Jesus) and has been drifting in and out of a TheraFlu-induced haze all afternoon. I’m still scrambling to finish the 4chan revisions (NO REALLY THANKS A LOT, JESUS), but have been checking in on his breathing and basic status as an alive person every hour or so. During my last check-in, he woke up from a fever dream and got all Wizard of Oz on my ass — said he’d just had a dream about me. Apparently trolling was a piece of meat wrapped in plastic, and he was helping me carve it up while Bad Lip Reading’s Russian Unicorn played in the background. Because obviously. I was telling him where to cut, and got frustrated because he’d not taken the plastic off first. We needed to take off the plastic first, because we’d be serving the meat to a bunch of old people, and didn’t want them to choke. Then he woke up. And I was like, sounds about right. And then we laughed.

Because Several Things Have Happened Since 2008

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scummy, slimy

Today was a dumb troubleshooting day, and like all days that start off looking manageable, ended up being a much bigger pain in the ass than I was expecting. Am still tinkering with certain passages, mostly re: slippage between trolls and the media that feeds them. The following bit comes near the end, after I’ve run through my three case studies. I could have chosen other examples, newer examples, but wanted to stick with the classics due to I’m mostly concerned with world building. Here at least. And as I argue, this particular world was built on the scrapheap supplied by raaaaaaging media wieners. Hence the memetic throwback machine. (and credit is to that lemonparty guy, who said a thing about memes the other day & likened them to collective storytelling — got me thinking about trolls and their media overlords, who do the same thing only don’t know they’re working together)

Just as the media’s response to Jenkem and Oprah’s response to Pedobear — and of course trolls’ response to both responses — inadvertently gave trolls more material to work with, Fox’s various responses to Anonymous, 4chan, and trolls generally helped fortify the borders of what at the time was a localized phenomenon but which soon emerged as a full-blown subculture. My inclusion of all three meme-clusters reflects this shift; each was introduced just as the media began to circle 4chan’s wagons. Not only did these stories augment the trolling lexicon, that is, provide trolls with additional memetic material, they helped legitimize the development of a discrete, deliberate, and highly recognizable trolling identity. In short, these early directives—from the framing of Anonymous as the sole proprietors of the Internet Hate Machine to the association of 4chan with pedophilia and poop gas and exploding service vans—have shaped what trolls are today, or perhaps more accurately, have shaped what trolls, both on 4chan and across the web, believe themselves to be. Put another way, and with Fox News leading the charge, trolls were given support beams upon which to weave their web. They happily took up shop, and were immediately furnished with a constant supply of food — which more often than not came in the form of buzzing, bug-eyed journalists.

Today’s Travels – Mother May I

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First of all, a programming note: due to having better shit to do, the muffin shop will be closed all this week. I’ll still post videos and things, but I’m taking a short exam vacation because dear god, my BRAIN. Course it’s not like I’ll be taking an actual break because what are those etc. –there are plenty of things to work on that aren’t exam-related. So don’t you worry about Mother. (I’d go into more detail about what exactly I’m working on, but I’ve been ordered to keep my extra-curriculars under wraps. All will be illuminated, eventually.)

Video possibly related.

Also this, mostly due to the gratuitous violence. And caffeine pills.

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