Today’s Travels: Book Madness Edition

June 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Things have been raaaather hectic of late, what with final book details and etc etc, plus other simmering projects like fact-checking campus rape statistics for a sexual assault data representation project forthcoming from Fembot, a feminist media and tech collective. More on that later this week when the thing goes live but boy howdy, are those some grim statistics. Because of that I’ve just not really been “paying attention to anything,” as they say in the business.

But! Here’s what a person sent me when I told him “I need you to send me something funny or cute.” He said these pictures, apparently of Kirsten Dunst “and that guy who looks like Toby Maguire” were so NOT cute they were funny, which is good enough for me.

In that same vein, here’s a video I clicked on because the headline read “You Can’t Punch People Because You Want Pancakes,” which is a lie.

Another thing I liked this morning was teens reacting to an old internet instructional dealie; as a general rule, “The 90s” plus “The Internet” is always going to be pretty funny. Money quote: “Their clothes and their computer…it’s just so OLD.” You bet your cybernet they are! Also, apparently the source of this magical gif:

something ducks walk on


That’s all I got you guys, God bless you all.


Something About a Like Button

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As evidenced by my not posting since the 24th, I have been struggling to internet since the Boston bombing. This burnout –I guess you could call it?– connects in surprisingly well-timed ways to the online communication unit I’m currently teaching in my Intro to Human Comm class. Normally when I teach this sort of stuff, which can be tl;dr’d as THERE’S SO MUCH TEXTING GOING ON THESE DAYS AND NO COMMUNICATING, I’m like pfft whatever. The internet is good! Hyperconnectivity is great! I loooooove email and push notifications! But this time around I find myself nodding along with Sherry Turkle, not because my social media use makes me lonely (I’m not on Facebook, haven’t been to Google+ in years, rarely tweet, avoid gchat, and use Skype only when a face to face meeting is required but otherwise impossible due to geography — so the conversation about connected loneliness isn’t really applicable) but because the internet as a whole has been making me feel anxious and thinly-spread. It’s interesting; this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way in relation to my own online engagement. So for the next few weeks, I’m going to cut back on everything. I’ll still post here, but for the time being will be focusing only on the stuff I like that doesn’t make my head explode. For example this masterwork, found via Chris (all the best things in my life are found via Chris).

Happy Monday everybody!

We Have A Winner

October 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Update from yesterday’s post:

Oh my gosh everybody, were you watching the debates when [BIG BIRD-GATE] happened? No, I wasn’t either, but I was on [TWITTER]. My feed totally blew up when [ROMNEY] [THREATENED] that [MUPPET]. Everything I saw was either a .gif of [OBAMA] [WIELDING A LIGHTSABER], or something from meme generator with [ROMNEY] all like “[I LIKE IT].” The whole thing was so [BORING]! 

It’s morning in America everybody! Better fire up your photoshops.

The Internet is a Many-Splendored Thing

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Hey look everybody, by embedding the above video, I’m in copyright violation! At least according to these smart representatives from the MPAA, who have used the internet before!

In other internet news, smart people with lots of numbers in their heads are thinking that all the hot Facebook on Instagram action is the harbinger for a third venture capital-fueled bubble, because we never fucking learn do we?

Speaking of never learning, check out SOPA’s little sister, CISPA! It’s got “cyber” in the title so you know it’s serious. It also files copyright infringement under “threats to cybersecurity,” because what could be a greater threat to security than using the internet?

Micro Soft

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It was a simpler time.

via BuzzFeed

Sounds About Right!

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The internet, in three links and a YouTube clip!

Courtney Stodden jogs in heels

Anonymous takes a bite out of crime

Dicks everywhere (SFW, unfortunately)



May 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

(Originally posted on December 17 2010)

Picture related

Recently I wrote an article about the cultural origins of trolling, starting with the Greek Sophists and ending with a discussion of dirty pictures shared via Xerox machine. Trolling is new and weird, the argument went, but it isn’t new; people have been engaging in trollish behaviors as long as there have been arguments to win, and machines to play with. In one section I discussed the original definition of the verb “to hack,” which in the 60s simply meant a cool and elegant tweak of some preexisting system. In this sense, every technological advancement is a hack—something new, something cool, something that makes whatever old thing better or more accessible to more people. I added to this definition the concept of instrumental entitlement—which in a nutshell states that people can do new stuff with emergent technologies and so they do. I used as an example a brief exchange between two colleagues on ARPANET, well before the Internet was regarded as a social/networking tool. A programmer had been in England for a conference; in the rush to pack he’d left his razor at the venue. When he got home and found the razor missing he hopped online, looked up his friend who was still at the conference and asked if a third friend could bring the razor home (Hafner and Lyon 1996). This was in 1972, when ARPANET was all Serious Business (as opposed to srs bsns, a different kind of seriousness entirely). Nearly twenty years later, the programmer recounted feeling giddy, like he’d done something naughty. Because he had, in some ways—the Internet wasn’t designed to facilitate idle chatter between colleagues. It was designed to transmit sensitive scientific and military data over a decentralized, secure network. It was designed to survive nuclear attack. It was designed to be a thing that people—and only certain kinds of people—used, not something average people could play with.

And yet, here we are.

This, ultimately, is what Internet means to me—it is quite possibly the greatest hack ever conceived, the ultimate in user-generated content. The Internet is what it is today because dozens, then hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people discovered new and interesting ways to utilize a technology that simply wasn’t intended for them. But that didn’t stop anybody from trying, since god the technology was cool. Ultimately, that’s what I find so fascinating—the Internet is us. The fact that it’s weird, that it’s made of cats, that it’s stuffed to the gills with things that cannot be unseen, that it’s both an increasingly liberating and restrictive space, that it’s a hotbed for aggression and profound care…for better or worse, all these things are reflective of the hacks upon hacks upon hacks that brought us to where we are today. To summarize, the Internet does what it does because that’s what we wanted it to do. We made the Internet, and in turn the Internet makes us.

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