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I like how there is a whole genre of dubstep Christmas lights videos on YouTube! You may think I’m being sarcastic but you’re wrong! This is genuinely awesome! People sure do devote a lot of time to things! This one isn’t dubstep (or Christmas) but it made me clap with glee! Good for you, you guys!!

Related: the only Christmas song I ever listen to when it comes on the shitty car radio is that Trans-siberian Orchestra Chorus of the Bells song, a) because Chorus of the Bells is the only good Christmas song and the TOC version is EXTREEEEME and b) it reminds me of that give-a-give-a-give-a Garmin commercial from a few years ago, which makes me laff cuz capitalism. All the dubsteb versions make me laugh even more! Again I’m not even being sarcastic! Everything is WONDERFUL!!

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You know what, I don’t care what you think. I fucking love puppies, and could not possibly give less of a shit about football. I’m not even interested in the commercials, as viral/grassroots content is almost always funnier and more interesting. Which is not to say that commercials have gotten dumber. They’re just as good as they’ve always been,  it’s just that cultural tastes have changed. We live in an era of the longest of all possible tails, making mass produced content — i.e. commercials aiming for the widest demographic possible — seem…….I don’t know, mostly meh. No matter how deranged our interests, there’s a proverbial (and often literal) app for that — all just a click or two away. Commercials can’t cater to individual pathology; therefore your argument is invalid. To the Puppy Bowl I go!


Today I Learned

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…That MegaUpload users are planning to sue the FBI over lost files!

…That Anonymous is a Democrat! (see :12, also this)

…That there really is an app for everything these days!

.gif unrelated, it’s me calling the cyberpolice!

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Internet, you make everything more epileptic.


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