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mmm mmm good

This is my favorite sort of story. Dentist collects celebrity teeth, for more delicious soup I’m assuming!

On an unrelated note, this post made me lol, and is apparently what happens when you ask Swedish children to explain the meaning of Easter. Like a goat, indeed!


I Have Read the Internet

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And I am told that this excited person is a Jesus, possibly?

My sister was just in town and she could not stop singing this, and now I cannot stop singing this. SOON YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP SINGLING THIS, you’re welcome!

Also, I’m now in the continuity editing phase of the ol’ dissertation. I should have a final draft of the thing by April 15, which means that between now and then I shall remain a cylon.  Oh well it could be worse I could be an elephant.

Chick it Out

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I have been away from life these last few days, what with snowstorms and driving across mars and family vacations. I need a thundershirt to wander within 15 feet of my computer, so posting has and will probably continue to be somewhat sporadic. Life is hard, oh well.

On that note, enjoy these drag queens, who have a message for the Christ-factions at Chick-fil-a, or as my brother calls is, “Chickafilla.”

America the Beautiful

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In Santorum news, Dan Savage promises to keep spreading the love. Good for him! What the world needs now is that, sweet that.

Also, look guys! Our little boy’s growing up, right before our very eyes. What’s next, candy cigarettes??

Making a Belieber out of Jebus


Never Give Up

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Speaking of that, here’s a charming and/or extremely creepy dot matrix-looking vintage t-shirt I found yesterday. At $10, I couldn’t afford NOT to buy it!

I'll dot YOUR matrix

I actually prefer leftover Jesus, the flavors have time to marry. Yummy!

Meat's meat and we all gotta Savior

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

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Verily, a touching racial moment!

Speaking of touching, I found the following while searching for Christian inspirational love songs. YouTube did not disappoint; I could not be more inspired, Christ-wise.

What’s good is your knuckles are made of bones, which can really hurt other bones when you hit them against them.

THESE ARE YOUR PECS YOU GUYS. Everything you can grab.

I love Spike. I love Spike so much.

Today’s Travels – Image is Everything

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Fuck you, I'm a lion

While we’re on the subject…

I heard you liked hipsters, so I put one in a pair of overalls.

I feel I can speak for all of us when I say, good lord.


Remember kids, beauty is only skin deep.

(lol I can’t even pretend to be an asshole about dogs, the lord god made them all & if they were my friends I’d make them figure-flattering outfits and take them scampering through the flowers every chance I had)

In conclusion, get out of my MIND.

Taking a wee break from studying, back to research-business as usual on Thursday.

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