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mfw all of it

Exams! Has god ever created a more irritating exercise in self-loathing and manic depression, designed to call attention to the terrible life choices that have brought one to academia? I don’t think so!

The categories you are apparently now pursuing (first of all, why) –Oh My God Exams, Folklore, Symbolic Power Y’all and/or Digital Culture– were designed as study repositories for a series of PhD qualifying exams I took in the Fall of 2011, then promptly forgot ever happened. Such, such, such are the joys. In case you were wondering wtf you were looking at!



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This is fucking awesome. This is fucking awesomer.

Just. Everything.

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Somehow they overlooked the Jenkemtini

Home completely exhausted after basically the best weekend that’s ever happened — really just one fucking awesome thing after another fucking awesome thing, topped off with calculator watch party favors and all the booze Reddit would feed us and rooftop parties with Imaginarium lighting (skip to :56, also PUNCH THAT WATER) and really, truly, some of the most creative, funny, interesting and holy-shit-smart worldbuilders (and smashers, you can’t overlook all the important smashing they do) I’ve ever had the pleasure to read the blogs of, let alone make Goatse jokes with in rooftop party rainbow tunnels — another one of my somewhat (?) rare joy-zones of unabashed puppy juggling. Because just JESUS, sitting in the same room with so many of the people who animate and archive and remix and of course smash the shit out of this thing called inter net —–MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD—— was amazing, as was finally getting to meet so many of my internet friends, and FUCKING ALL OF IT.

I’ll be thinking about what I learned and saw and overheard for the next few days and probably weeks — so much happened I wouldn’t be able to distill the whole conference into one post, not tonight at least. Instead I’ll just rattle off a few of the most frequently used/overheard/discussed catch-things, since that’s the ultimate in tl;dr recapping and will be revisited in turn. In conclusion! Aggregation! Content stream! Curator! Profit sharing! Attribution! Liquid archive! Ecological models of community! (Post-)identity! Shit about trees dropping fruit on other people’s yards and how this is (probably?) good for everyone!

Picture related, it’s me high on life. lol jk ROBOTRIPPIN

Partying Partying Yeah

And That, Honeybadgers, Is How You Fucking Do It

August 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Picture related, it's me on a victory lap

Well that’s that friends, I have officially completed my Breadth Exam lists! Although it’s more like MY EXAMS ARE DEAD LONG LIVE MY EXAMS, since I still have about 2/3rds of the Digital Culture list to work through. But I said I’d finish Breadth stuff by September 1, and by god I take my self-imposed deadlines seriously. The written portion of the Breadth Exam begins on September 12 and will end September 16; I still have no idea what the questions will be. Until then I’ll keep pecking away at Digital Culture, though my output here will dwindle somewhat (probably down to one selection a day) while I revise the RIP chapter between now and the 12th.

So. I think I’ll take the rest of the day off. Or not, because at this point what does that even mean.

Today’s Travels – I Don’t Even Know

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It beats the alternative, I guess.

Video possibly related.

I am so ashamed of myself. This really shouldn’t be funny.

And yes yes I know, as of press time there are many macros of Wiener’s peepee just dickin around all over the tubes. But this is a family website, and anyway, that SACK, gawd. Just google it. Also the Facebook chats. You’ll be glad you did.

In conclusion, this guy.


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My office has such nice lighting

EDIT, two years later: I no longer agree with the following. I was learning how to respond to things back then, and am embarrassed by my naive, myopic, on-the-fence apologist framings (I say more about this come-to-jesus moment here). So, yuck, sorry about that  -me, September 6 2013

I just put the finishing touches — dear god I hope they are the finishing touches — on my Dickwolves MEGAPAPER, which nearly killed me. Picture related, I just uploaded it from Photo Booth. I knew it would, have been circling the issue (not Dickwolves specifically but trolling humor generally) for years and only recently felt even remotely well-equipped to deal with all the stuff I just tried to deal with. Not that I didn’t, and don’t still, have some major reservations — I realize that what I’m arguing might ruffle some feathers, and not just bullshit feathers but feathers of people whose opinions I value highly, and whose arguments I mostly agree with. So it’s nerve-wracking, because there seems to be quite a bit at stake.

Oh my god, but look how coy I am. The issue is this: although I’m reluctant to apologize for trolling behaviors, I’m even more reluctant to take a hard-line stance against trolling humor. Yes, trolling is (or can be) highly problematic — it can be racist, sexist, homophobic, all stripes of nasty. But condemning trolling, and consequently trolls (not to mention the people behind the trolls), simply doesn’t accomplish much, in part because trolling is framed by trolls as a particular kind of aggressive online play. This doesn’t mean that trolls are off the hook, but it does mean that, if we hope to say anything substantive about the trolling impulse, we need to take the trolls’ schema into account. To help do this, I put forward a theoretical framework that attempts to contend with trolling language both from the trolls’ perspective and the perspective of those targeted.

In other words, my Dickwolves paper isn’t really about Dickwolves. I mean it is, that’s what I open with, specifically Courtney Stanton’s take (an early and highly bumbling framing can be found here) — but mostly I’m concerned with the kinds of questions the Dickwolves debacle raises. As I explain in my opening section, Dickwolves provides an important segue into a number of related –and I would argue critical– discussions, including the nature of language online.

So yeah. It’s been pretty hectic round these parts. I’ll be curious to know how people respond to my argument, and will be sending the draft to as many potential readers as possible. In conclusion, gird yr loins.

Today’s Travels – My Sentiments Exactly

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Pretty much sums it up.

Also this.

I'm the one on the right.

So much to agree with today! I had the same reaction myself.

On a somewhat related point, here’s an oddly compelling collection of clips featuring people not having sex in pornos.

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