It’s Called the 3-Second Rule

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Just stay behind the line,

in the time


I hope it’s not asking too much.


Just a Small Town Girl

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Journey, everybody! Also, having watched Chris put together a handful of supercuts in the last few weeks, I can say that this video is the result of A LOT OF HOURS OF WORK, and/therefore hats off.

This quote, taken from Gawker article about how Teen Vogue is trying to make wearing PJs to prom a thing, possibly as a cruel joke, made me laugh much harder than it should have:

That’s how I’d go about it too. Release a few choice quotes to select media outlets (the school paper, the morning announcements, Teen Vogue) about how my popular friends and I plan on schlepping up to prom in just any old thing. How anyone who doesn’t wear pajamas to prom is clearly a desperate try-hard. How there is liiiiterally noooothing woooorse than not wearing pajamas to prom.

Dear god, am I suddenly a fan of Teen Vogue now? Guess I have to be. Gif related, it’s how I imagine that pitch meeting.

In other look-ma-no-standards news, here’s a thing that made me laugh — people trying to communicate with their favorite restaurants over Facebook. My personal favorite:


It’s Actually Sort of Perfect

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Chris has some sort of Christmas plague (thanks a lot, Jesus) and has been drifting in and out of a TheraFlu-induced haze all afternoon. I’m still scrambling to finish the 4chan revisions (NO REALLY THANKS A LOT, JESUS), but have been checking in on his breathing and basic status as an alive person every hour or so. During my last check-in, he woke up from a fever dream and got all Wizard of Oz on my ass — said he’d just had a dream about me. Apparently trolling was a piece of meat wrapped in plastic, and he was helping me carve it up while Bad Lip Reading’s Russian Unicorn played in the background. Because obviously. I was telling him where to cut, and got frustrated because he’d not taken the plastic off first. We needed to take off the plastic first, because we’d be serving the meat to a bunch of old people, and didn’t want them to choke. Then he woke up. And I was like, sounds about right. And then we laughed.

Just In Time For Jesusween

October 28, 2011 § 5 Comments

An angel walks among us.

Here enjoy the latest news about my personal hero and world renowned pumpkin jammer, Courtney “and not a single fuck was given” Stodden. If I hadn’t already decided on “slutty honeybadger” for this year’s Jesusween I’d totally be rockin them boots. She’s one in a million y’all! But I digress. To the exam cave!

Joshua Green and Henry Jenkins, “The Moral Economy of Web 2.0: Audience Research and Convergence Culture,” Media Industries: History, Theory and Method (2009)

Problems arise when you put the “We” in “Web!” Due to fans make all the content, companies take all the credit! Or smack these same fans with DMCA-type take down injunctions-o-corporate-fuckery! Fans –both as individuals and within groups– got power though; in order to crest the participatory wave, companies must reassess (trans)media landscape. This can be complicated! But ideally ushers in “moral economy” between top-down and bottom-up models, where everybody wants everybody to be happy. Mutually-recognized symbiosis, in other words. Recognizing/mapping/harnessing these sorts of negotiations requires a transmedia and flexible cross-pollenatory approach, since where does one thing end and another thing begin anymore, god!

Jane McGonigal, “Why I Love Bees: A Case Study in Collective Intelligence Gaming,” The Ecology of Games: Connecting Youth, Games, and Learning (2008) 

Massively-multiple human users! Working together to do a thing! We think, therefore we are! Case study: I Love Bees, an investigative playground-cum-multimedia user-generated backstory designed to bridge the gap between Halo and Halo 2! Which is sort of badass because it was never marketed as such, and no one got any instructions, save for a few cryptic messages from the admin of the initial page. She bolted & then users had to figure out what to do next! Choose your own adventure, using the scraps and pathways provided by the architects! And the hivemind did! Because hiveminds are smart, and like to build things! THESE ARE SKILLS IMPORTANT FOR OUR CHILDREN.

John Palfrey and Urs Gasser, Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Narratives (2008)

Kids! They don’t build ’em like they used to. What with their iPods, and The Twitter! They’re not like Digital Immigrants, who have to figure things out as they go, if they ever do, because CHANGE IS SCARY. Kids (and we’re talking about a particular population of “haves,” here) born after 1980 don’t know the meaning of change, because that’s all they’ve ever experienced, making “change” synonymous with stability. There are other things too! Like how they’ve naturalized the breakdown between online and real life (in fact wouldn’t stop to ask what the difference was, or why it might matter)! And how identity for them depends on what platform they’re on! And other things, that confuse and frighten the elderly! IT IS IMPORTANT FOR THE ELDERLY TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT’S NOT THEIR WORLD ANYMORE LOL [ed. note: my conclusion].

Geoffry Pingree and Lisa Gitelman, New Media: 1740-1915 (2003)

OMG what’s so new about new media! Every “old” media was new at one point! It’s a fucking misnomer is what it is! Because NEW! In relation to WHAT! And assumes there’s not a built-in continuum, and that technologies don’t feed into and harken back to each other! And all that jazz! Gesturing towards some technological telos or whatever! GTF over yourselves, and consider the following: Zograscopes! Physiognotrace! Optical telegraphs! Telegraphy generally! Stereoscopes! Phonographs! “Telefones,” whatever those are!  In conclusion, media.

I don't always not comment on the shit I read, but when I do, I do it with Stodden.


Today’s Travels – Finally!

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Good news everybody! Part TWO, coming straight for yr NUTS.

Speaking of FINALLY, some brave patriot realized that no one’s deep-fried bubblegum at a fair, yet! I know, I couldn’t believe it either — I called rule Paula Deen on that shit YEARS ago. Nice work America!

Oh and hey, so, the first part of this is like, yeah, old people + MEMMAYS = wait hu what’s that cat doing riding a rainbow through space, but then at the 1:30 mark the charming young man shows grammammmaaa a little ditty known as “MEATSPIN DOT COM” (you should Google it!) (don’t worry you prudes, it’s totally SFW) (I mean this video is, though you really should Google meatspin, you might just learn something) and I’ll admit, I lol’d.

Speaking of flapping dicks and horrified grandparents, I juuuust finished revisions on the RIP chapter — hence the vidya-heavy postings these last few days. Still have line edits and micro-OCD tweaks to make (por ejemplo I’ll be walking to the bookstore for a Grape Propel minding my own GD business when I realize I’ve opened two paragraphs in a row with the phrase “That said,” and my head will nearly explode till I’m able to make the changes which almost always result in a top-down rewrite of the first three sentences of the first paragraph and a full revision of the second because by fixing the first “That said” I’ve inevitably stepped on the foot of some new thing LOL) , but otherwise I’m pretty happy with how the ol’ sumbitch turned out! Back to the exams grindstone tomorrow! WHAT A MAGICAL SUMMER THIS HAS BEEN


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I don’t recall “asking for it,” but now that it’s here, how could I possibly say no. Opportunity is sponging, people.

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