Goodnight Sweet Prince

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This makes me sad:

“Mr. Trololo” has sung his final note.

Little-known Russian crooner Eduard Khil, who gained international fame when a 1976 clip of him performing on Soviet television went viral in 2010, has died, The Associated Press reported on Monday.



Wait, You Shouldn’t Throw Them All Into Prison?

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Couldn’t have said it better myself

From “How to Win the War on Internet Trolls”:

Are you an Internet troll? Or maybe you’ve just encountered one. No. You’ve encountered more than one. What can be done about these people? Surely, they can be defeated?

Video game designer Mike Drach thinks some of the Internet’s biggest trolls just need a hug, but that is not his sole means of dealing with them. No, he’s got 10 tips for dealing with Internet trolls. Ten ways to manage the unmanageable. Ten ways to live with our unruliest Internet neighbors and maybe even love them.

For more on the war on consequences, the full article is here.

Oh It’s Gonna Like…Censor…Reddit, and There Won’t Be a Wikipedia

February 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

I laughed, I did.

Because I’m 6

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I really should not find these so funny.


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You know. And Glenn Beck. No really, here it is on his website.

I just. Can’t. WHAT.

TROLL PATROL, Rupert Murdoch Edition

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I'd listen to the cat if I were you.


Like a Fine Wine

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I had that line stuck in my head all night, even while watching American Horror Story. Which by the way is a pretty cool guy, he puts jarred fetuses in the fetus-jar room and doesn’t afraid of any ghosts. (promo mirrored, but you get the idea)


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