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Re: my statement that combining my dissertation chapters into one document was an intimidating “final step,” Chris had some words. “A final step?” he asked. “A final step. That is laughable. That was years ago. There was nothing final about any of that.”

And then he wistfully looked out the window, because this book has been as much a labor of his love as it has been of mine.

On Formatting Books

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Do I HAVE to, though?

Do I HAVE to, though?

For the longest time, I was afraid to combine my dissertation chapters into a single document. There was something overwhelming and do-not-want about that final step, and I only got there maybe a month before I deposited. Despite my reservations, One Single Editable Document quickly established itself as the new standard; in all subsequent revisions I’ve worked with/in that same file. In fact, come to think of it, it’s been the same –that same– .doc for nearly two years, possibly longer if I used, say, my prospectus .doc as the base of copying and pasting operations (given my resistance to certain kinds of change, this is likely but I can’t confirm). It’s had different names, and there’s been a hell of a lot of turnover word-wise, but as long as my dissertation-later-book was a proper manuscript, that’s been the document it’s been. Or however you’d say that.

And I’ve liked working in one document, I now prefer it, it’s comfortable. But per MIT’s author guidelines (there are…let’s say a lot of them), I have to chop my beautiful, intact .doc into nine disarticulated limbs, and I am finding this step much more anxiety-inducing than I expected. I appreciate that my manuscript is (well, was, I’m midway through the turkey-carving) ONE, an easy transfer on a thumbdrive, even if it then takes one million sections to fully load in Word.

Maybe it feels so weird because this formatting and last round of revisions is essentially like taking my firstborn clothes shopping before shipping her off to college. Soon enough she/it will be out of my hands, and that is both a relief and utterly terrifying, which is not a metaphor that has occurred to me until this very moment but is apt I tell you APT.

Time is Just a Flat Circle

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I have just been watching so much good TV lately you guys! That and formatting the SHIT out of my book. It’s coming along, it’s coming along. Re: the warming glow, I have much to say about it all –verily television is the richest of subjects– but for now, please enjoy the best True Detective parody that actually is an AT&T commercial. Forthcoming this weekend, if I feel like it: reviews of Top of the Lake, Frisky Dingo, The Bletchley Circle, and of course True Detective, which is every. damn. bit as good. as all the other people on TV are saying it is!

Oculus Rift, Presence, and Virtual Adventures (but not games, YUCK)

April 12, 2014 § 5 Comments

There’s been a whole lot of talk of late about Facebook’s recent 800 quadrillion dollar (estimate) acquisition of Oculus Rift, the first viable (well the first in a series of viable, Sony isn’t far behind with its Project Morpheus) Virtual Reality headset. Chris has been beside himself for weeks; boy have we watched a lot of YouTube videos about the forthcoming Dev Kit 2 (pre-release prototype of the Rift hardware packaged for developers), various virtual environments, and most importantly of all, the concept of “presence,” essentially the process by which one’s brain, at least the lizard part of one’s brain, is tricked into thinking it’s actually where it is not.

At first I was preemptively disinterested in that just-shy-of-charming knee-jerky way of mine due to Facebook’s involvement (“What!? Facebook!? Then it’s bullshit!”). I was also resistant because, drumroll, I don’t like playing games. Not that I don’t appreciate games, video and computer particularly, or deny that the best of these kinds of games easily qualify as art. Nor do I think that people who love (video/computer) games are weird (people who love playing board games, however, are). It’s just that personally, games (particularly video) make me anxious (and non-video games just make me angry). I don’t like the concept of winning and dying and I don’t like having to kill/fight not to die, regardless of how cartoonish my enemies might be. I don’t quite know why; let’s call it a personality trait and move on. Consequently, my world wasn’t exactly rocked when presented with this AWESOME NEW GAMING PLATFORM (now owned by Facebook).

But, as is often the case, I am an idiot. And over the last week or so have changed my mind.

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Oh Boy and Man and Wow

April 9, 2014 § 4 Comments

It’s hard to know who else will think this is the greatest/worst thing ever. My husband sent me the link in tears (conveyed over email; come on you guys it’s 2014) and insisted that it would change. my life. FOREVER, and I’ll admit, it’s pretty great (read: horrible). But how much you like (hate) this will depend on how much social media marketer-speak makes you want to eat your own face. Consider this a litmus test, then.

Oh, These Arguments Again.

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This article by Amitai Etzioni, which urges those on the receiving end of microaggression to like calm the f down because jeez or whatever/bigotry is just human nature/back in my day, is the second I JUST CAN’T WITH YOU moment I’ve had while reading The Atlantic this week. The first was yet another but-but-but-FREE SPEECH piece written by a white dude worried about his ability to make bad jokes on Twitter the “chilling effect” of censorship pushing back against racists, sexists and homophobes. I would write more about both, but is just so exhausting, having to read all these tl;dr articles lamenting how restricted people’s speech is becoming. I mean there are only so many hours in the day.

Well Played, Dillon the Hacker. Well Played.

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This is proper, artful trolling and mother approves.


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